10 signs that you are a creative person

  1. 1. You are impulsive and irrational
  2. 2. You see the difference between fantasy and reality.
  3. 3. You do not hide your feelings
  4. 4. You value your creativity
  5. 5. You see more than others.
  6. 6. You yourself create opportunities
  7. 7. You learn from your mistakes
  8. 8. You are not afraid of risk
  9. 9. You surround yourself with beauty
  10. 10. You follow your dream.

To be a creative person, it is not necessary to carry a guitar with you everywhere, wear bright mind-blowing scarves and constantly be “in the image”, depicting profound and significant arrogance. Really talented people are alien to all sorts of hypocrisy - the pretentious attempts to create, in order to "look creative," contradict the idea of ​​real creativity, which cannot be separated from life itself.

1. You are impulsive and irrational

Sometimes you tend to do risky and rash acts, not paying attention to the rational advice of others. Your own whims are quite important for you, so instead of the “reasonable” conformist “It is necessary that everything be like people’s”, you often say to yourself: “I will do it this way because I want it so!”. This can be manifested in anything - in the purchase of a bright pink car ("You are the CEO, you have to be more serious! You should have taken better black"), striving to do your favorite business ("You have a law degree, and you play in a rock band, one has to think about the future! ”) or, say, at a dinner party for friends, arranged for the last money (“ We have two weeks to get paid! Why was it necessary to spend everything on foolish gatherings with friends? ”).

2. You see the difference between fantasy and reality.

Edgar Allan Poe once said: "Those who dream during the day understand a lot that eludes those who only dream at night." Probably, you often imagine the “ideal life” to which you aspire - unlike dreams, your daytime fantasies are much easier to realize. You can think about dreams, assess your capabilities and understand what steps need to be taken to implement them. The main thing is to realize where the flight of your unbridled imagination ends and what really can be accomplished begins.

3. You do not hide your feelings

Creative personalities are usually emotionally open and impressionable people. When a beloved child “pleases” with his antics, or you are denied publication of your masterpiece manus for the fifteenth time, your thoughts about this can be seen with the naked eye - they are literally written on your face. Creators are not afraid of their emotions, whatever they may be - negative or positive. When you are caught up in a storm of feelings, remember what Martin Luther King was talking about:

4. You value your creativity

Even when the result of your creative efforts is far from what you have painted in your imagination, you will never say to yourself: “I did all this in vain.” You are firmly sure that there is nothing in the world like your creation, which means you can be proud of having created something new.

Of course, each exacting creator strives for perfection, but if it was not achieved in a particular case, you should not, in despair, cut not the most successful picture into pieces or burn a manuscript that you did not like. Eleanor Roosevelt spoke very well on this subject:

5. You see more than others.

For you, the world is one big gala dinner with a lot of guests: a whirling of eccentric grimaces, the roar of expressive voices, a parade of brightly convex characters. You are able to notice the subtle nuances of the life around you and describe them, passing through the prism of your own thoughts and feelings.

Some creative people everywhere carry a notebook or a notebook with them, where they record their observations and impressions, but by and large, this is not necessary. Your brain is your lunatic asylum, straitjacket and your psychiatrist. All the most important things happen in your head and even an unspoken and unwritten thought changes the world around you.

6. You yourself create opportunities

You hate routine, measured flow of life and philistine stability. At the slightest sign of stagnation, you tend to unbalance yourself, creating opportunities for creativity. Your life is a constant communication, the search for new sensations and gaining experience. If you do not know in which direction to move, you go at random and sooner or later find the road that will lead you to the goal.

7. You learn from your mistakes

Failures are not able to stop you. You know that negative experience is also an experience; any fiasco is just a reason to reflect on your mistakes and learn from them. Your motto: “Not the one who never falls is good, but the one who always rises.”

8. You are not afraid of risk

The act of creation, the creation of something new requires a certain courage and you are really a brave man! For the sake of what you believe, you are ready to conquer any peak, and even the likelihood that efforts will not work, will not stop you from trying to take a new height. Seeing an obstacle in front of you, you do not turn back, but resolutely rush to the assault. Stephen Kotler, an employee of Forbes magazine, writes:

If it seems to you that there were too many annoying blunders, remember his other statement:

9. You surround yourself with beauty

As you know, talented people are talented in everything and you are no exception. You try to find your unique style in everything, from decorating your house to cooking dinner. For you, life consists of means of expression and you remain true to yourself, regardless of the opinions of others about your activities. Moreover, criticism only motivates you, forcing you to bend your line even more confidently. In the words of John Wood, famous basketball player and successful basketball coach:

10. You follow your dream.

Truly creative people are happy only when they are engaged in their favorite business. It doesn't matter how much money brings creativity and whether friends and relatives understand this obsession - just like in love, there are only two in creation: the Creator and the creature of his genius. You can write imperishable novels on scraps of paper, create stunning sculptures from plastic bottles and use the walls of your own porch as a canvas for your pictorial masterpieces.

If you are among the creators, you do not need fans, recognition, awards, and conditions for creativity, the main reason for the realization of your fantasies is life itself.

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